Terms and Conditions


– Bookings cannot be confirmed without full payment of the activity fee.

– All payments must be made prior to arrival.


– Safety is paramount to all our activities, however Watersports and adventure activities are hazardous by nature and there are risks.

– Customers must comply with all safety regulations and instructions given by the centre and its staff.

Cancellation by the Customer

– All cancellations must be given to the centre directly wither by phone or in writing.

– If you cancel up to 3 days before the activity a full refund will be given. If you cancel within 3 days of the activity no refund will be given.

Cancellation by us

– Every attempt will be made to ensure that LakeSUP activities run as scheduled. However we reserve the right to close LakeSUP or stop hire/tuition at any time without notice due to unsuitable conditions, forecasts and prevailing weather conditions, to ensure the scheduled activity has the required minimum number of participants or due to any other factors beyond our control or if we feel there are any unmanageable risks.

– In the event that LakeSUP is closed then the pursuant to this clause we may at our sole discretion offer you either another session or part session without further charge or offer you a reasonable refund.

– LakeSUP at its sole discretion may cancel any bookings that have not been conformed (ie paid in full) prior to the activity.

– We will not accept any liability for any other costs however incurred by you or any other individuals or thirds parties. Personal Information

– Personal Information collected by LakeSUP will be used only in the administration of your activity and will not be used for marketing or passed on to any third parties.

– Photographs may be taken during our activities and can be used in marketing materials only with consent.

On-Site Hire Conditions

– I understand hire is unsupervised and I am responsible for the safety of myself and my party. Those under the age of 18 must be closely supervised on the water by a responsible adult.

– If I lose or damage the board, any part of it or any other equipment supplied I shall pay LakeSUP the repair or replacement cost.

– Any incident or accident must be reported to LakeSUP immediately.

– Equipment hired may not be used for any commercial purpose.

– Boards will be checked on return and if damaged, changes will be made. Off-Site Hire Conditions

– The Hire terms refers to the Start and End date of the hire.

– If the customer wishes to extend their Hire term, they may request to do so at any point prior to the end of their Hire Term. The customer must contact the Hirer, to request such extension. Agreement of the extension will be subject to availability of the equipment during the extension period. Availability cannot be guaranteed to the customer beyond the pre-existing hire term.

– LakeSUP reserves the right to recall all or any part of the equipment hired immediately at any time. In the event that this right has been exercised, the customer will be issued a full refund for the duration of the hire term remaining or immediately issued with replacement equipment of the same type at on additional cost. If the customer refuses to hand over the equipment to the hirer on request, the customer shall be deemed to have authorised the hirer to charge for any costs associated with such recovery.

Delivery and Collection for Off-Site Hire

– Following receipt by the hirer of the hire fees the hirer shall deliver the equipment to the location requested by the customer on the agreed date and time.

– LakeSUP shall use its best and reasonable endeavours to ensure that delivery is made on time but shall not be liable for any failure to do so.

– The customer must be available at the time of deliver to receive the goods, instructions on equipment use and sign the disclaimer. In the event that the customer is not present at delivery, delivery will not be made and the customer will be liable for any costs incurred for re-delivery. If no re-delivery time is agreed, the customer is not entitled to any refund for the equipment.

– At the end of the hire term, the customer shall ensure that all equipment is available and ready for collection by the hirer. The customer must be present at the time of collection do participate in an equipment check.

– In the event that the customer is unavailable for collection on the agreed date, the customer shall be required to pay the relevant hire fees for the additional time.

– In the event that any equipment is unavailable for collection on the agreed hire date, the customer is required to pay the relevant fees for the missing items up to and including the day that they are returned to the hirer. If those items are not available for collection due to loss or destruction, the customer is liable to pay the cost of replacement in accordance with the hirers then current price list.