Mobile SUP Hire

LakeSUP is the only fully Mobile SUP Hire outlet in the Lake District.

  • We believe in offering the freedom to explore the Lakes when, where and for however long you like.
  • We offer hire anywhere between 1 day and 14 days (although longer is always possible!)
  • All you need to do is fill out the form below, tell us where you want your board delivered. We will rock up on your chosen day at an agreed time with all the kit required to get you going. Our experienced staff will tell you how it all the kit works, give you a brief introduction to paddling and suggest some secret spots to check out!
    All bookings subject to availability.

We also have some great video tutorials online (courtesy of the folks at Red Paddle Co) if you want to do some extra studying.

All our boards come with a Carry Bag (so you can take them anywhere!), Pump, Leash, Paddle and a Buoyancy Aid.

We also have wet-suits available for hire if its looking a bit nippy!

Check out what’s included HERE

Windermere Paddleboard Hire

How It Works

Enquire below with as much detail about what you would like and where it is going.

We will deliver to your chosen destination anywhere in the Lake District.

Get Paddling!

How Much?

A delivery charge will be determined based on your location and will be added when you pay.

Board Package

Includes: Board • Paddle • Leash • Carry Bag • Buoyancy Aid

1 – 3 days – £50 per day

4 – 6 days – £45 per day

7+ days – £40 per day


Additional Buoyancy Aid – £5 per day

Wetsuit – £5 per day

What To Wear

The Lakes can be pretty unpredictable when it comes to the weather so its best to be prepared for all conditions!

We strongly suggest you wear your buoyancy aid on top of all other articles of clothing.

​Its looking sunny:

  • Swimwear! or any clothing you don’t mind getting wet. We recommend lightweight, wicking clothing, no denim or suede (or anything else heavy that might weigh you down).

  • If you own a wetsuit, you might as well wear it! Even in the summer the lake is still a bit nippy.

  • If you’re exposing some skin, don’t forget your sunscreen! With the reflection off the water it is easy to turn crispy.

A rainy Lakeland day:

  • If you own a wetsuit, wear it. If you don’t, maybe consider hiring one. You will get wet, the wetter you are the colder you will feel so its best to be prepared.

  • No wetsuit? Layer up. We recommend a thermal base layer, followed by something fleece and lastly waterproofs, top and bottoms.

  • If it a bit chilly outside as well, a hat and gloves will always be appreciated when your out there.

​We suggest always taking a full change of clothes with you, no matter how far you are going or how warm it looks.

 There is always the possibility of taking a swim so its best to be prepared for the worst.

The Lakeland Weather

The Lake District Weather feels as though it has a mind of its own! We recommend paying strong attention to the weather forecasts and paddling within your own limitations.
If it is looking super gnarly we will let you know whether it is safe and some potential quieter options to go paddling, or we may have to advise you to re-schedule your hire.

Ultimately though, it is up to you.

Wind is the biggest factor to look out for (not rain, rain is fine). Check out the Met Office or Windguru for a more detailed forecast. If in doubt, ask us. We will always be honest and offer our best judgment.